Start Your Morning with Texas Pete®!

Texas Pete® on your eggs in the morning is the way to start your day off right. We’ve opened the vault in our test kitchen’s cookbook to dig up some other great ideas for breakfast!

Here’s A Trick with Bacon You’ll Love!

This will get the conversation started the right way around the breakfast table. Mix a 1/3 cup of Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce with ½ a cup of brown sugar to create the best sugar-glazed bacon that everyone will love.

Texas Pete® Breakfast Bake

There’s nothing like a great breakfast bake when you have a crowd. This recipe features Texas Pete® Garlic Hot Sauce and it is delicious! You’ve got to try this recipe soon.

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Over Easy Avocado Toast

It only takes 10 minutes to prep our delicious Avocado Toast made with some fried eggs. Here is how you make some magic happen at breakfast.

A New Twist on Hash Browns

Cooler mornings call for a side of hash browns. But what if you throw in some Kielbasa Sausage and some banana peppers? This is not a side show. It’s center of the plate.

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