Flavor Touchdown – 6 Game Day Recipes

There’s always a big game. No matter what team you’re cheering on—flavor comes first when you and friends are watching sports. Texas Pete® always has fresh ideas on the ready for when flavor counts. Here’s a half-dozen great ideas that you can prepare in minutes:

 Irish Texan Honey Mustard – Watch our Saturday Down South Team whip up a dipping sauce using Stout Beer, mustard seed, and our Texas Pete® Honey Mustard that can be used for maximum dipping.

Whipped Feta Cheese Spread – Be ready for a crisp high-five from guest when they experience how Feta and cream cheese combine with CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce to elevate your dip.

Sweet & Spicy CHA! Wings – Some like them hot. Some like them sweet. The best of both worlds combine when you use CHA! by Texas Pete® on your next great wings tray.

Texas Desert Heat Snack Mix – Things will get aggressive when you prepare a snack mix that your team will crave using new Texas Pete® Dust Dry Seasoning.

Pineapple Moscow Mule – Create a new twist on the classic Moscow Mule when you add Texas Pete® and pineapple. The perfect balance of sweet and heat are sure to please.

Texas Pete® CHA!-Chup – Say good-bye to ordinary ketchup when you add CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce. It’ll be MVP of your party for dipping tater tots, onion rings and fries during the big game. Check out the recipe.

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