Spending More Time At Home? It’s Time for More Texas Pete®

Hanging out more at home these days? More cooking, snacking and delivery or drive-thru food calls for more Texas Pete®. It’s a great time for teaching the kids how they can Sauce Like You Mean It™! and brush up your own skills by exploring our Texas Pete recipes.

Check out our Top 6 Culinary Skills Texas Pete® TRIBE members are proud to master:

Wing Tossing – Wet or dry, chicken wings are a favorite. Texas Pete® Dust Dry Seasoning is your go-to for dry wings and its easy – just sprinkle away. If you like wet, juicy wings, drenching those cooked wings in a Texas Pete® Wing Sauce could get a little messy. Use a wide top bowl with ample amounts of wing sauce and 6-8 wings at a time. Start tossing the wings inside the bowl with a rhythmic action, tossing the wings up a few inches in the air with each toss for fun.

Pimiento Cheese Dip – Basic training for any Texas Pete® fan is to create their own recipe for a delicious pimiento cheese dip. Remember, yours must be no ordinary dip. Here’s a thought starter, using our ¡SABOR! by Texas Pete® Mexican-Style Hot Sauce! Best activities while eating: 1. Guessing the number of overtimes that were played in the 2018 LSU vs. Texas A&M football game. 2. Debating best use of pimiento cheese – on bread, crackers or corn chips?

Buffalo Chicken Dip – It is an essential skill of a TRIBE member. With only six ingredients our Texas Pete® Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe is easy to prepare and pop in your oven. Use corn chips for dipping. Best activities while consuming the dip: 1. Playing board games with the kids. 2. Watching classic movies or replays of college football games. 3. Repeat, repeat. Need more help?

Fire Garlic Guacamole with Texas Pete® Dusted Chips – “Guac” and roll with this easy to prep dip using Texas Pete® Garlic Hot Sauce. Then dust those fried tortillas with some Texas Pete® Dust. Best activities while eating: 1. Playing rummy or spades card games. 2. Snacking while prepping to toss wings.

Sriracha-Glazed Pork Chops – Here is where you wow your family with the simplest of tricks. Fire up the grill and dredge thick-cut pork chops in a mixture of CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce, honey and soy sauce. They will be amazed at your mad grill skills. Best activities while consuming: 1. Telling your friends your recipe. 2. Going back to the grill to cook some more because you ran out.

Texas Pete® Red Velvet Cones – Now is the time to really test your baking skills and make any day memorable for the kids. Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce is spicing up red velvet cake inside an ice cream cone! Best activities while consuming. 1. Breaking out the crayons and coloring with the kids. 2. Watching National Velvet starring Elizabeth Taylor.

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