X Games Spectators Invited to Retreat to the Heat of Texas Pete.


ASPEN, CO (January 27, 2011) – At the Winter X Games 15 in Aspen this week, spectators are invited to take an occasional break from the action and retreat to the heat of the Texas Pete® Hot Spot at X Fest village. TW Garner Food Company will be giving away 15,000 sample bottles of its Texas Pete® hot sauce that spectators can use to heat up their meals throughout the Winter X Games and recover more quickly from the cold outdoor conditions.

Because hot sauces use chilies and other capsaicin-containing peppers, they increase the production of heat by the body, an attribute that will certainly be appreciated by cold spectators looking to warm up after watching athletes compete in near-freezing temperatures. The endorphins produced by the chemical reaction from ingesting hot sauce are also known to produce a feeling of exhilaration and well-being.

“When it’s cold outside, we tend to crave hot foods and drinks to warm up, and adding Texas Pete® hot sauce to your meals during the Winter X Games is sure to warm up frigid spectators more quickly than the standard coffee or hot cocoa remedies,” said Glenn Garner, Director of Marketing for TW Garner Food Company. “When spectators visit us at our heated Texas Pete® Hot Spot in X Fest Village, they’ll also be able to pick up free hand warmers and can koozies, keep an eye on the action with our flat screen monitors, enter the Texas Pete® Hot Picks raffle and get autographs from athletes,” he added.

The Texas Pete® Hot Picks raffle allows spectators to pick a specific event and the athlete they think will finish first in that event. Prizes will be given away throughout the day with a grand prize at the end of each day, including snowboards, skateboards, headphones, iPods and other valuable merchandise.

Winter X Games athletes will also be signing autographs at the Texas Pete® Hot Spot twice each day, courtesy of Rockstar Energy Drinks. In addition, spectators can pick up free “expression signs” at the Texas Pete® Hot Spot on which they can write a message and hold it up at the event to demonstrate support for their favorite athlete.

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