Top Trends of 2021 Call for Texas Pete®!

Your menu is always center stage when customers order online or dine in. We’ve taken a look at emerging trends** and items poised for a comeback in 2021. They’re all even better when you add some Texas Pete®.

1. Menu Items Your Customers Crave!

These are the dishes that customers have craved the most during COVID lock downs* and are sure to draw the attention of your loyal visitors in 2021. Look to add one or two menu items that travel well for take-out or delivery. Texas Pete® has portion control hot sauces that complement many of these menu items!

2. Immunity-Boosting Foods.

COVID grew customer interest in the functional benefits of the foods they eat. At the top of the list is the immunity-boosting benefits of foods to fight ailments ranging from heart disease to cancer. Take another look at your ingredients that offer flavor and a functional benefit. By the way, ever taken a look at the benefits of hot peppers found in hot sauce?

3. Pimiento Cheese Please.

You are in the wheelhouse of Texas Pete® when you talk pimiento cheese. This southern delight grew by 12% on U.S. menus in 2020 and up 55% since 2017 according to Datassential. Versatile as a burger or sandwich topping or as a dip, our favorite pimiento cheese recipe calls for ¡SABOR! by Texas Pete® Mexican-Style Hot Sauce.

4. For The Love Of Unique Sandwich Combinations.

As chefs turned their attention from dine-in plated foods to corrugated containers for take-out something amazing happened—amazing new combinations of flavors between the bread. From one-handed drivable sandwiches for drive-thru to two-handed monster sandwiches containing short ribs or giant spicy fried chicken, don’t forget the signature sauce competitors can’t match. These sauces can upscale the ordinary for extra revenue.

5. Breakfast Take & Bakes.

Nothing will bring back breakfast quicker than a great take & bake that can be picked up the night before. While take & bakes saw solid growth in 2020, few operators have explored them as a tool to bring back breakfast or as a mid-day brunch they can bake on their own. Don’t forget to send along some hot sauce for a wakeup call.

There are plenty more menu breakouts that we are predicting for 2021. All are designed to make this a better year for operators. Stay tuned as we offer great insights to help you grow your business this year.

*Datassential 2020
**Flavor & The Menu 2021 Top 10 Trends

A Plant-Based Way To Use Texas Pete® Wing Sauce?

That’s easy with our Texas Honey Cauliflower Bites recipe. Up 40%* on menus since 2017, cauliflower is a sure-fire winner for 2021.

*Datassential 2021

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