Top 9 Summertime Tips for The Texas Pete® TRIBE

For Deep South Texas Pete® TRIBE Members, summer has already arrived. For those of us elsewhere, Memorial Day puts you in the middle of picnics, parties and outdoor adventures.

Texas Pete® TRIBE Members know where good food starts, with a bottle of their brand of hot sauce in their backpack, car console, office desk drawer—wherever they go they know food and fun has to start with Texas Pete®.

So, get your summertime game on with these 9 great tips of the Texas Pete® TRIBE:

1. Never Leave Home Without US! Texas Pete® Hot Sauce is available in 3 and 6 oz. glass bottles for backpacks or back pockets. Always have any extra bottle in the pantry in case you run out this summer!

2. Got A Wedding or Big Event This Summer? – Then put some heat on your party tables or as a thank you gift for your guests. Go online and buy our special 1.69 oz. plastic resealable bottles of Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce. It’s an amazing gift your friends will love.  

3. Don’t Forget Texas Pete® Pimiento Cheese Dip – Pimiento cheese is the peanut butter of the South, but have you tried Texas Pete® Pimiento Cheese Dip? It’s the perfect way to chill out with veggies, flatbreads, chips or crackers. Here is a quick tutorial that is easy to prepare.

4. Going to Be In Nashville June 6–9 For CMA Fest? Come See Us! – Top country artists celebrate their passion with fans like no other celebration on the planet. If you visit Bridgestone Arena during your trip, drop by the Texas Pete® booth—we’d love to see you!

5. Put Some Kick in It with Mo-Hotto Mojito Shooters – Want to pre-game… or in-game your party with some Texas Pete®? Spice up the conversation with our special Mo-Hotto Mojito Shooters!

6. Heading to The Beach? Take Texas Pete® With You – Especially when it’s dinner time at your favorite seaside restaurant. Texas Pete® is the heat for Calabash or other seafood styles. Tell your restaurant’s wait staff that you want Texas Pete® on the table—or better yet, bring a bottle with you.

7. Kudo’s to TRIBE member KammerKam, Texas Pete®- Dusted Cheese Nips! – Down in Bluffton, SC, KammerKam posted how his family uses new Texas Pete® Dust Dry Seasoning to make ordinary Cheese Nip crackers wake up with flavor. Try it yourself.

8. Imagine Fried Chicken Without Texas Pete®? O.K. Wake UP, it was just a bad dream. For your picnic or backyard cook-out be sure to bring a bottle. Want to make yours HOT Chicken? Try Texas Pete® Hotter Hot Sauce.

9. Try Pete’s New Strawberry Basil Lemonade! – Chillin’ the right way with this new, easy recipe using Texas Pete® Dust Dry Spice. (PLEASE ADD NEW PHOTO AND RECIPE TO TEXASPETE.COM FOR HOTLINK TO PHOTO AND RECIPE)

THANKS for being a loyal Texas Pete® TRIBE member. Be sure to take photos or video of how you use Texas Pete® and share with other members.

Or, start your own membership drive and tell your friends and family to sign up for our e-news. Texas Pete® wishes you the best summer and be sure to Sauce Like You Mean It™.

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