There’s Always More to Love About Texas Pete® in 2021!

We’re turning up the heat on this year with new recipes, new merchandise in our Texas Pete® Shop, and new reasons to love—or make the switch to—Texas Pete®! The Tribe is going strong, and we want to be sure you have an arsenal full of ways to show your pride. Though looking back, we never could have imagined what Texas Pete® would grow to become.

When the brand was born in Winston Salem, NC in 1929, the founding Garners couldn’t foresee the wild ride and unwavering brand love that lay ahead. Through the years Texas Pete® has faced good times and bad, but the love and dedication of the Tribe has helped us continue to thrive. Because of you, we stay inspired to develop new ways to bring comfort and flavor to those seeking sauce nirvana.

They say folks turned to comfort foods while they stayed home more in 2020, and there’s nothing more comforting than a little kick of spicy goodness. As we look to 2021, we’re committed to doing what we love and continuing to pour on the flavor. It’s going to be a delicious year.

Next time the conversation heats up with someone, share your love for Texas Pete® and encourage them to try a bottle or two and follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Stay tuned this year as we roll out great news and more inspiring flavors!

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