Spicy Dad Summer Starter Pack

He’s not like all the other dads—he’s a Spicy Dad. So he needs what every Spicy Dad should have: Texas Pete® merch.

Whether he’s mowing the front lawn or going out with the boys, complete the Spicy Dad look with the classic Texas Pete® “Dad Hat.” Breathable and lightweight, it’s never been easier to look so spicy.

You’ll never have to say, “Dad, they’re on top of your head,” again with the Texas Pete® sunglasses strap. Easily attachable and our signature spicy red color, Dad is sure to love this addition to his look. 

Spicy Dad’s gotta stay hydrated in the summer. Gift him a Texas Pete® Koozie to keep the brewskies cold.  

Our Texas Pete® Sautéed Garlic Flavor Hot Sauce is every Spicy Dad’s main ingredient. And it fits perfectly in any cup holder. He’ll definitely think that’s neat

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