Spicy Cheerwine® Margarita

Servings: 1 |
Prep Time: 8 hrs | Cook Time: 10 min


  • One 12 oz. can or bottle of Cheerwine®
  • 32 oz. Refrigerated Limeade (enough to fill two ice trays)
  • 4 oz. Tequila
  • Texas Pete® Dust Dry Seasoning (for rimmer)
  • Lime wedge or lime juice (for rimmer)
  • Two ice trays
  • Texas Pete® Hot Sauce (optional)


  1. Pour Cheerwine® into one of the ice cube trays and Limeade into the other.
  2. Freeze overnight.
  3. Prepare your glasses by adding 2-3 tbsp of Texas Pete® Dust to a shallow dish or plate for your rimmer.
  4. Using a wedge of lime or juice in a shallow dish –wet the rim of your glass and then dip into the Dust to coat the rim. Set aside.
  5. Pop 8 cubes of each Cheerwine® and Limeade into a blender. Add tequila and blend until smooth.
  6. Pour into your prepared glasses and serve.

For an additional spicy kick, add a few drops of Texas Pete® Hot Sauce and stir into your margarita. Sweet and Spicy for the win!
An alternative Margarita mix can be used in place of the Limeade. Are you looking for fewer calorie cocktail option? Try using Diet Cheerwine®!

Dust Dry Seasoning

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