California Pizza Kitchen and Gold Star Chili CHA!Dore CHA! by Texas Pete

Winston-Salem, NC (March 25, 2014) – CHA!, the newest sauce to bear the Texas Pete® name, is stirring up a nationwide CHA!ddiction for the fierce and fiery flavor. And now, several well-known restaurant chains are paying attention. California Pizza Kitchen and Gold Star Chili are among the first to bid farewell to their former sriracha sauces and make room at their tables for CHA! by Texas Pete®.

Cincinnati-based Gold Star Chili is one of Cincinnati’s most iconic brands with locations spanning across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The restaurant is already in the process of replacing Huy Fong sriracha with CHA! at every location.

“CHA! and Gold Star Chili are the perfect pairing,” notes Steve DeCorte, general manager of sales at TW Garner Food Company. “People who appreciate the unique taste of Gold Star’s secret-recipe Cincinnati-style chili are the perfect people to embrace the heat and flavor found in CHA! Both brands have bold and balanced flavors that people literally can’t get enough of.”

Over on the West coast, famed California Pizza Kitchen will soon offer CHA! by Texas Pete in 38 California locations. Glenn Garner, vice president of marketing for TW Garner Food Company, is excited about the partnership.

“CPK is a great place for sriracha enthusiasts—and people new to sriracha—to use CHA! on a wide variety of foods,” he says, noting the days when the sauce was strictly for use with Asian-style foods is long gone. “Every day, we have people contacting us through our website or Twitter or Facebook page, reporting new uses for CHA!. The spicy-sweetness of the sauce makes it incredibly versatile.”

Garner notes he expects more restaurants to offer CHA! as consumer demand for the brand grows. “Texas Pete® fans are some of the most loyal enthusiasts out there and they’ve taken CHA! and run with it,” he says.” We’re just trying to keep pace with demand.”

The company has launched a national CHA!ddiction campaign, with commercials airing in select cities across the US.

Sriracha is a staple in most professional kitchens and quickly becoming a go-to ingredient for home cooks as well. CHA! by Texas Pete® will be sold at many of the national and regional stores that carry the Texas Pete® brand. The introduction of the sauce continues an 85-year tradition of innovation by the iconic Texas Pete® brand.

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