5 Meal Planning Tips for Your Family

Planning delicious meals that will make your family smile is a task that doesn’t have to be boring or costly. Try these ideas to bring some WOW back to your table and save some money along the way:

  1. Plan Theme Nights – Instead of trying to dream up a new meal every night, choose a theme—Meatless Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, Italian Night, and Breakfast-For-Dinner are just a few tried-and-true ideas to consider. You can create some excitement about your family meals by giving a little fanfare to your meal plan. Post your weekly plan on the refrigerator and everyone will be on board.
  2. Embrace Your Slow Cooker – Throw a handful of ingredients in your slow cooker, set the timer, and head off to school or work.  Also, if you pay attention to weekly ads, you might find some good sales on meat. In general, tougher cuts of meat may be a more economical option for your budget. Whole chicken, pork shoulder and chicken thighs can also be inexpensive options. The slow-cooker is a fantastic and easy way to make tougher cuts of meat tender and juicy. Add your favorite Texas Pete® products to the recipe to bring out the natural flavor in any dish.
  3. Balance Pricy Items with Inexpensive Ones – Eating well on a budget doesn’t mean you have to skip the foods you love. If you opt for some pricier items (like steaks or seafood), you can balance out your plate with less expensive sides and ingredients. For example, add brown rice as a side for your salmon, or mix sun-dried tomatoes with orzo and veggies for a savory and simple pasta salad with your steak.
  4. Think Seasonal – Plan some of your meals around the fresh produce and other available foods of the current season. For example, consider serving hearty stews, soups, and roasted meats and root veggies in the fall and winter. Texas Pete® Original Hot Sauce is a great addition to a soup or stew recipe to bring out the warmth and flavor on a cold day. During spring and summer, go for lighter fare that features lots of fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables.
  5. Be Smart with Your Grocery List – Building a smart grocery list is essential to acquire everything you need and be efficient inside the store without overspending. Keep your old grocery receipt and start there. It’s easy to see what you purchased last time to determine if you need to restock.

    Organize your shopping list in terms of aisles so you’re not constantly going back and forth within the store to pick up desired items. Once you’ve settled on the items that are to be on that week’s shopping list, determine what coupons you have and place asterisks beside the corresponding items. Because you’ve made the list first, you won’t be tempted to buy things you don’t need just because you have coupons. Don’t forget to use mobile coupon apps on your smartphone, like CheckOut 51, where you can frequently find special deals on your favorite Texas Pete® products.

Use these smart shopping tips this year and you can reduce your stress and save money along the way. Feeding the family doesn’t have to be drudgery, and a trip to the grocery store shouldn’t be an exhausting experience.

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